Guidance Counselor - Monthly To Do List

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Consider signing up for an ACT preparation class. Bevill State Community College and Northwest Shoals often offer such classes.


If you have not already taken the ACT, take the
ACT this fall. Register at Have your ACT score report sent to schools to which you will apply. Ask colleges for application forms, scholarship information, and financial aid papers. Check with the counselorís office for scholarship information. Update resume with list of honors and extracurricular activities.


Complete college applications. Obtain written recommendations from counselor, teachers, and individuals in the community. The first deadline for early admission for many colleges is in November. Register for the December ACT test if necessary. Schedule campus visits.
Call admission offices of colleges to which you have applied and ask if they have received all necessary materials to process your applications for admission or for scholarships. Most colleges will send confirmation that all materials have been received


Continue to mail applications, transcripts, recommendations, and scholarship applications to colleges.


Encourage your parents to file their income taxes so you will have the necessary information to complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Student Aid). If you qualify for a Pell Grant, this is FREE money and is distributed on a first come, first serve basis. Log on to the FASFA website to apply for a Federal Aid Pin Number. Both parent and student must have a PIN number to complete the FASFA. Continue to call admission offices of
colleges to which you have applied to stay in contact and ask questions.


Complete the FAFSA as soon as possible online. Continue to study diligently and make good grades. Complete applications for admission, scholarships, and financial aid.


Request a final transcript to be sent to your chosen college. Your file cannot be completed and you will not be allowed to register for college course until your final transcript is received. Be sure to let any local organization that awarded you a scholarship know where you will be attending college.


Apply EARLY!!! Watch for deadlines.  Visit colleges to find out more about majors and scholarships. READ, READ, READ! Write essays. And, most importantly--watch out for SENIORITIS!!