Guidance Counselor - Seniors Monthly To Do List

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  • Request admissions information & school catalogs.  
  • Finalize college list (narrow your choices down)
  • Check school's website for college information
  • Begin filling out applications (online)
  • Plan college visits and interviews
  • Visit with college reps at your school
  • Ask teachers for recommendations
  • Update your resume
  • Make a calendar for scholarship deadline (
  • Begin drafts of essays (ask Mrs. Hayes to read)
  • Compare cost of schools


  • Take ACT  if needed (Next test is Dec. 8th, deadline to register is Nov 2nd)
  • Work on college essays
  • Plan college visits and interviews (remember a thank you letter)
  • Continue to watch scholarship deadlines/submissions


  • Take ACT  if needed
  • Sign up for a PIN, to complete your FAFSA online. (your parents also will need a PIN)
  • Finish all applications and essays to selective colleges.
  • Check all application deadlines


  • Attend Financial Aid workshop with your parents (to be held at School)
  • Encourage your parents to file taxes ASAP. Then complete FAFSA online.
  • Take ACT if needed
  • Take the Compass test (we will all go to Bevill for this)


  • Check / apply for scholarships
  • File FAFSA
  • Submit additional information to colleges (new scores, grades, honors, etc.) which may help your admission and / or scholarship process


  • Continue to check / apply for scholarships


  • Review college responses and aid offers with your parents and counselor, mail deposits as required.
  • Notify the schools you have chosen NOT to attend


  • Be aware of any summer orientation sessions that you must attend at the school in which you enroll.

  • Let your counselor know the school you will be attending so final high school transcript can be mailed to the college.